Ice-Devil's-Lover ❤||Book  2||

Ice-Devil's-Lover ❤||Book 2||

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FujoMe By yumyoi Updated Mar 02, 2017

 Juvia: Now, That Christmas Break is over!!!

Gray❤:Me and Juvia have to Continue Our....Relationship.

Juvia: R-R-Relationship..!!!!Y-yeah,Right!!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Author:Finally!Book 2 Is here!Now thank's to both of you.

X-mas Break is over!~Gray and Juvia Is now continuing Their Adventure together.

Hope You had An Exciting Christmas  and New Year's Season Because your Heart is Going to Explode and go *DOKI-DOKI!!!*

Gray is starting to get fond Of Juvia,Juvia KeEp's On falling in love With Gray.

But There are still more  Danger Here.

Find out In Book 2!!!  "ICE-DEVIL'S-LOVER"

Those Who haven't read Book 1 "ICE-DEVILS-SLAVE* I suggest you read it First!


Please keep on Shipping GRUVIA!!~


Kakarot_Cat Kakarot_Cat Jan 30, 2016
I just thought you should know that your chapters have gotten a bit mixed up
Psycotic885 Psycotic885 Aug 05, 2016
I don't know why buy for a little bit I thought she was poking master maukauravs face.
wongyukheinct wongyukheinct Sep 09, 2016
awwwwe im pretty sure gray would miss juvia a a lot when she ahs to go soewhere alone or e.t.c
Amel232 Amel232 Mar 06, 2016
Can't live without Juvia can he.......*sigh* Gray-sama is too clingy!
Amel232 Amel232 Mar 06, 2016
I wonder how soft they actually are? *imagines while poking a pillow* 😃😀😛