The Brickston Pack Series: The Submissive's Rejection.

The Brickston Pack Series: The Submissive's Rejection.

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Walter Woodard By SexWithSupernaturals Updated Sep 10, 2016

Zealand O'Neal is the Sentinel of the Brickston pack, he's also extremely homophobic, so when his wolf took over and claimed a thin submissive sixteen year old boy as his one true soul mate he was

He is determined to make sure that the bond he shares with the boy doesn't over rule the disgust he feels but what happens when the kid rejects him and flees Mississippi for a promising music career, 

well... you'd have to read to find that out.

This story is MxB meaning it will contain romances and relationships between two guys if that's not your thing you really shouldn't be on my page or under my work... you have been warned.

  • death
  • love
  • murder
  • rejection
  • werewolf
pikachu237 pikachu237 Jun 26
I just love when omegas crush the hearts of alphas its beautiful
CrowFolly CrowFolly May 27
Damnit I'm happy that he rejected Zealand but then I thought about Kota and I was like nOOO-
Yes! Do not lay down on the ground to let him stomp on you boy stand up be firm! Even if it hurts like like....hell
whitney-star whitney-star Jan 30, 2016
I was about to make myself pretty Boots out of Zealand's fur but I guess the Problem is solved now. .....*sigh*
SamNagasawa SamNagasawa Oct 24, 2016
I-I'm sorry, but...
                              ALEXANDER HAMILTON
                              MY NAME IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON
                              AND THERE'S A MILLION THINGS I HAVEN'T DONE
                              BUT JUST YOU WAIT
                              JUST YOU WAIT
Sakimoto_Yurijan Sakimoto_Yurijan Sep 12, 2016
And the song goes like
                              Yo, MC lil sub here
                              I was just a normal boy
                              Fvck, until sumbody went to crush me
                              I felt like a tool, fool, a mother fvckin toy
                              Bein played with, hated, why can't I see
                              That the truth is
                              He will never love me
                              Auh! Listen up yo, first rap evah, changed,