Adriadna’s Divine Will

Adriadna’s Divine Will

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Berry_Angie By Berry_Angie Updated Jan 13, 2011

Adriadna is excited and terrified to turn 20 years old. Her Sacrament is right around the corner and it will determine her ultimate fate. The Sacrament is a wise old tradition in Nymph culture where the Holy Council chooses which nymph duty you will perform for the rest of your life: 

Nereid nymphs are the daughters of the sea which  entertain the Titans Oceanus and Tethys who will in return ensure safe passage for sailors. Oreid nymphs inhabit the mountains and ravines and accompany Artemis on hunting expeditions to help keep the land safe. Dryad nymphs please nature and ensure growth and prosperity to mere mortals. Once the Holy Council has made their final judgment there's no turning back. 

Little does Adriadna know that her life will be filled with spine tingling adventure and hidden romance. The Holy Counsel of the Nymph has a plan for her life that very few nymphs before her have had. Her destiny is meant for the Gods. 

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HeidiVale HeidiVale Jan 19, 2011
I agree with @OrchidBee this is not a prologue... It is a blurb.
ErinJM ErinJM Jan 13, 2011
Sounds great! It defiantly will turn out to be interesting...
Berry_Angie Berry_Angie Nov 02, 2010
@Suddy15 yea i understand u want me to read ur book but why dont u put it on my profile in stead of writing stuff meant for my story's comments.... Thanks.... not trying to be mean or anything...
Berry_Angie Berry_Angie Nov 02, 2010
@Suddy15 how about u tell me how my story was??? and then ill read urs.....
Suddy15 Suddy15 Nov 02, 2010
read my story   -T-h-e-     it is really really goooooooood and comment please!!!!!!
Berry_Angie Berry_Angie Oct 31, 2010
@Pinkkida thanks :D wht did u think of chpter 2 is  it ok??? and ill check out urs :)