The Screwed Up Club

The Screwed Up Club

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Anna Kay By AnnaKayPaysour Updated Jan 29, 2017

(Cover by @doppeIgangers )

I've never seen Blue Jones genuinely smile before, let alone laugh. And let me tell you, it's something I never want to stop experiencing. 

When he laughs, his eyes squint until they're almost shut, and he smiles so big you can see all of his perfectly straight teeth. His shoulders shake, and the deep sound of his laughter comes straight from his stomach. 

When he laughs, he's not the guy with the tattoo and major anger issues that I have to try so hard to stay away from. 

When he laughs, I'm not a member of The Screwed Up Club, overwhelmed by my past and my efforts to make sure I don't recreate it. 

Maren Marsden inherited two things from her parents. From her dad, the tendency to run whenever things get difficult or inconvenient. From her mother, a huge weakness for the rebellious types. The running away thing she can't quite get a hold of. But the guy thing? She stays far away from them by seeming like the prude who hates most of the male population. She doesn't want to end up like her mom, so she doesn't give in to her secret temptation. It's been easy enough, aside from when she's with Blue Jones, the epitome of everything she hates. And loves. 

But he won't let her run away, and he's trying his best to make her give in to her attraction.

Turns out he's just as much of a member of The Screwed Up Club as she is, especially when it comes to daddy issues, and Maren can't help but get closer to him because of it.

But what happens when both of their pasts come to haunt them? Can Blue and Maren make it through unscathed?


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JemLewis JemLewis May 24, 2016
I dont understand why Blue is giving her rides to school if she doesnt like him
StormyTheZebra StormyTheZebra Nov 28, 2016
It appears that most everyones hair is curly. Especially the males.
Spark187 Spark187 Jan 02, 2016
That brother is a bit of a jerk. I feel bad for Maren, but she should stick up for herself more and voice her opinion.
herserendipity herserendipity Jan 01, 2016
This is a really good way to start. Got me hooked immediately :)
herserendipity herserendipity Jan 01, 2016
I noticed you haven't used the "add cast" option. You can do that when you're writing :D just a tip!
Panthera_Uncia Panthera_Uncia Dec 30, 2015
I think there's a typo, Carter instead of Carson? ANYWAY, I really like it so far, it's well written :)