You Notice Me Now?!

You Notice Me Now?!

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Branda&Ian By BrandaAndIan Updated Mar 21, 2016

Leylani M. Lusias was always known as the shy quiet fat girl. She stuck to herself and never bothered anyone. She was basically a nobody to everyone but her friends and her big brother. That is until the school's jock starts making her life a living hell.

Andrei Alexei sexy, rich, and foreign. He has everything. The looks, money, and all the girl's he could imagine indulging himself in. So why all of a sudden he chooses now to take notice of the school's shy girl. And why does he want to make her squirm.

This isn't like you're normal jock and shy girl fall in love story. Trust me you're in for a long ride.

(Hopefully this sounds good. I suck descriptions)

  • bbw
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  • foreign
  • intimidation
Guys lmboooo she's not really fat. She has a nice body she's just super insecure because of people always saying she's fat compared to the sticks at her school
Alixermixer Alixermixer Apr 11
I have just found your story and I am really liking the direction it is going in
I have the people in mind for the character
                              Andrei~ Francisco Lachowski
                              Leylanie~ Stephanie Bertram Rose 
                              Meiko~ Anna Nystrom
Please continue!!! This seems like it's going to be interesting.😄😊👍👍
Did you know that there are studies that show that you usually befriend people with the same level of attractiveness as you
tylersfuneral tylersfuneral Aug 17, 2016
Frl bitch do you pay my phone data bill? NOPE. So idgaf about youuuuu