But Only In Red Ink || #Wattys2017

But Only In Red Ink || #Wattys2017

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Tia will be turning 18 in three days. Her gift is something very unpredictable as she has been hoping for this gift for four years. That gift is her best friend's dad, Michael Fassbender. She and Becky have been best friend since the beginning of junior high. With this being said, she doesn't want Becky to know about her secret love affair.

But unfortunately for Michael, Tia falls in love with an old friend Ryan. This brings back a hidden side of Michael. A side that may put Tia in danger.

Michael Fassbender fan fiction, also tagged BWWM (Black woman, White man)

*I understand Michael Fassbender in this book is nothing like the real MF. But that's what imagination is for*

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Same eye contact is awkward with ppl u are not talking to at the moment
This is soooo good, I would be crazy nervous if someone told me they fancied me?! OMG!!!! I would scream!
KellyRenee8 KellyRenee8 Apr 19
Is it terrible that if a man told me he "fancied me" i would be so turned off?  What happened to "you know i like you, right?" ( seems to be the most common line right now and what happened to good old "you know I'm feeling you..." ? Fancy me and I'd be like...the f*ck!
Lana ❤️❤️❤️❤️ She is so pretty and her voice is just wonderful
Shampain and Homewrecker are my favorite songs by Marina and the Diamonds