HIS ROYAL GUARD.| Royalty Levi X Guard Reader.

HIS ROYAL GUARD.| Royalty Levi X Guard Reader.

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My village - lost to a fire eight years ago - I fled to an extremely far away Kingdom in hopes of rebuilding my life. I soon turned to petty crime and eventually stole from the Prince - a ruby - something he treasured immensely. I hadn't planned on being caught and sentenced to death; only the Prince made the strangest request: 

❝Guard my life with your own.❞


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Petra's taller than you. You're 5'3 and she's 5'4. Stop talking.
Kaufmas Kaufmas Apr 25
Petra...hmm I can try to work with this...Jk, STAB THE BITCH
yoongxi yoongxi Jul 30
so far i've read about 20 tch's and it's only chapter 2 dhsjd
Wait, are they gonna sell it?  What if (by coincidence?) the dude they sell it to decides to report them to Levi or something?
Lol peasants..
                              Me and Eren: in the end our graves will be the same size
                              Levi & the Egyptians: Speak for yourself peasants
Sorry to disturb you, but I read in the next chapter,'please correct mistakes.' or something and, again sorry, it's supposed to be "...your majesty..."