Bring it on , Nasty!!

Bring it on , Nasty!!

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They say opposites attract .
But likes can get on like house on fire....Literally .
It won't surprise anyone who knows Ambrose Wilde  and Maira Gracemer  to find out they have set a house on fire.

What happens when an Arrogant , Stubborn and Cocky  Werewolf  meets a hot headed , No-Crap taking  girl ?

High school turns into a battle ground.
Tempers hit the ceiling 
Desk and lockers become more of a place to hide secret  weapons.

I know there are many werewolf stories out there as well as love stories  ,They might start with love at first glance , A shared smile , or  stolen glimpses .....

But this one starts with a puke....

You think  you can stomach this ?

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sarah_kh318 sarah_kh318 Apr 18, 2017
Boy, there's nothing at all wrong with a guy who likes cooking. If my future husband didn't like cooking I'd make him like it 😏😈
Twilight_Marvel Twilight_Marvel Aug 24, 2016
I would be so happy when I have boyfriend who could cook and braid, fishtail, French braid hair!!! 😁😀
yessy180 yessy180 Jun 12, 2016
Hey!  This is exactly how you spell my best friend's name!!!!!!
nicetins nicetins Aug 30, 2016
I would love it if my boyfriend can cook...........he can't even boil water
sammi_love1121 sammi_love1121 Jun 18, 2016
That is so sad 😭 it actually made me cry a little, her dad is a jerk face
deleted------user deleted------user May 26, 2016
While reading this I tried to not cry
                              *ends up crying anyway* I can't stop crying cause it's just so sad!!!