The Avengers Babysit Loki?!

The Avengers Babysit Loki?!

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(Book 1)

A new villain is threatening the Avengers.  During a fight that the Avengers are bound to lose, something happens.  Loki.  He saves them, but let's just say they are not to trusting.  Loki needs their help.  He is ageing backwards and he doesn't know how to stop it, or who caused it.  When he turns into a five year old, will they know how to get him back?  Before it's to late?  This new threat has something more she want, and she will torture Loki to get it.  Something happens, and Loki does something he never has before.  He becomes more heroic than anyone ever thought possible.  Will the Avengers trust him enough to make him part of something huge?  This is all part of her plan, to destroy the Avengers once and for all.  This is just the beginning.

Disclaimer:  I do not own Marvel or the Avengers.  This is a Fanfiction.  I do own my character, the villain (you will find out her name, and the meaning, in the book).

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msshay-nickiminaj msshay-nickiminaj Oct 11, 2017
Everyone stares irritatedly at Tony:
                              *thinking* Wtaf, Tony. Wow. Good very. Smart yes.
julie1234k julie1234k Dec 19, 2017
I like that people go what the hades over Norse mythology based characters... wouldn’t what the Hela be better if it had to be a god/ goddess of death
StarrySilverSkies StarrySilverSkies Sep 24, 2017
I like to watch when they take my blood with a placid or interested expression on my face as if I find blood the most fascinating thing in the world just to freak out my mom and brother, who both hate blood
Tony Stark is a freaking squirrel Clint!! He has a squirrel brother named Dean Winchester!! They are both adorkable
lranderso lranderso Jan 02
I find it adorable and hilarious at the same time!! OMG HELP ahahh
lranderso lranderso Jan 02
OMG IM DYING!! GET HELP (see what I did there??? Ahah I'm sorry)