Son of Poseidon?

Son of Poseidon?

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Ryan_McShizzle By Ryan_McShizzle Updated Jun 20, 2017

Percy Jackson isn't who you think he is. For on thing, he isn't actually a he. He, is a she. Percy Jackson is Transgender . A girl trapped in a boys body. When she comes out to the camp, she is shunned because of what she is. Feeling abandoned, Percie leaves camp to her moms house, only to find her dead. In her hand, she finds a piece of paper, telling her that Poseidon is not her father by blood, but her adopted father. Leaving the apartment for the last time, Percie takes to the street, only to be found by Hestia.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Marvel, Heroes of Olympus, or Norse Mythology.


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YoYoGuy0201 YoYoGuy0201 Oct 07, 2017
Isn't there like a surgery for changing genders? If not then forget that I asked that question.
2Fangirl4MyOwnGood 2Fangirl4MyOwnGood Aug 30, 2017
THANK YOU! I'm not transgender, but, like, WHY CANT WE BE FRIENDS??????!!!!!!!!
Ashtim_aemeon Ashtim_aemeon Feb 07, 2016
Holy cràp I'm in a time loop I've read this before just yesterday how do I stop this help
owca1000 owca1000 Jan 03, 2017
I am getting serious deja vu. Did I read this before? Did I read a story with this same beginning? I swear I remember this, lol
wierd_spawn_of_Hades wierd_spawn_of_Hades Jan 30, 2017
It seem so, Dr. Fred it makes me sick but sadly people are a bunch of jackasses
TheMaidenOfTheHunt TheMaidenOfTheHunt Sep 28, 2016
Hey you need to check out a story by @Chaotic_Angelsass . It's really similar to yours.