The Side Nigga (Lesbian)

The Side Nigga (Lesbian)

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ForeverLoving1562 By ForeverLoving1562 Updated Dec 19, 2016

Aysia P.O.V. 

"Babyyyyyy " I whined trying to get Lexi's attention. She was ass deep in her phone . 

"Love me . " I said . "Leave me alone Aysia God. " she groaned getting up. 

I sighed and watched her walk out the room. 

I picked up my phone and saw Carter texted me . 

Big Pimpin 😍💦💦
Hey Ma 
Where you at ? 

Her Sexy Ass 😍😘👅💦
Hey I'm at Lexi's house .

Big Pimpin 😍💦💦
Do you want me to text you later ? 

Her Sexy Ass 😍😘👅💦
Whatchu doin ? 

Big Pimpin 😍💦💦
Nun 😏

Her Sexy Ass 😍😘👅💦
Come get me 😩

Big Pimpin 😍💦💦
I'm on my way baby 

I started putting my shoes on. It ain't my fault . Her ass be dipping on me so much she won't even realize I'm leaving . 

I grabbed my phone and went to the living room . 

"Where you bouta go?" Lexi asked me . "Nowhere." I replied . "Don't start with me ."  She said getting up to grab my phone . "Get way from me ." I said pushing her . "Who tf you pushing Aysia ." She shouted yanking me to the floor by my hair . I screamed as...

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- - Mar 01, 2016
@LaylaKong loll me first reject oh frl ard bye let ha beat Uu I'm just petty
PoeticBlues PoeticBlues Apr 17, 2016
Let her know what she's missing babygirl. If you go ghost on her for awhile and she has no one to run to when her and her girl gets into an argument, she will then realize your worth and how much she really needs you more than her shitty ass girlfriend.💯
Ken_522 Ken_522 Jan 08, 2016
Aysia deserves better than Lexi punka33 no one deserves be beat on.
kaylalovee__ kaylalovee__ Jan 06, 2016
Y she hit her anyways? , da girl I'm widd we been together for a year n 3months,  if she,ever lay a hand on me I'm dipping cos I m,not,finna b no punching bag,, buhh hey dass her bizness Imma,sit bck sip tea n continue reading.