My 10 mates to love and cherish

My 10 mates to love and cherish

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ismaella1111 By ismaella1111 Updated Nov 21, 2014

»warning sexual content» 

Luna is an average virgin who moves from Canada back to live in her dead grandmother's house when her mom dies of cancer. 

The 10 most powerful alphas of the whole werewolf packs have been waiting for their mates and when they find her they are not ready to let anything happen to her.

Find out how one virgin female wolf is able to love her 10 sexy, possessive and cocky mates!!!!

She_Nesian She_Nesian Nov 12
DA fuq? After all that, Avery, all your stupid áss wolf can ask is THAT?!?!!
She_Nesian She_Nesian Nov 12
Hmm..lemme think bout it.
"Yeah, that 5 minutes of conversation was really enlightening" 
                              Uh no hon, that's not how it works. 😒😒
Diamonette Diamonette Apr 11
That sounds Mexican and it makes sense Mexicans have a lot of babies ( not to offend anyone)
Bish yo vagina gone look like wild animals tried to eat you, but it taste like nasty fish.
yaya1977 yaya1977 Jul 02
It doesn't make sense having 10 mates? Your suppose to have your perfect match how can there be 10 of them? Like I get 2 or three but 10? That's just over the top..