A Small Bundle Of Joy (Takano x Onodera fanfic)

A Small Bundle Of Joy (Takano x Onodera fanfic)

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Joselyn Martinez By VinciblePine95 Updated Feb 22

The third part to the 'I'll Save You" series 

A year after the traumatic events that occurred, Onodera and Takano are living their lives as a happily married couple. Just when they thought nothing could go wrong, Onodera falls ill and Takano begins to have worried thoughts. Little did they know that they're having a miracle. Join the Nostalgia couple as they go through the ups and downs of life. 

Junjou Egoist is included

Warning: Yaoi and Mpreg (Male pregnancy)

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iwriteyoaifanfics iwriteyoaifanfics Oct 07, 2017
GUESS WHOS BACK!? BACK AGAIN!? WITH ANOTHER GREAT FANFIC!? YOU ARE! I live this series so much I'm gonna cry! Im barely starting to read this part, and judging by the other two GREAT fanfics, I bet this one is going to be to!
iwriteyoaifanfics iwriteyoaifanfics Oct 07, 2017
Did you know that this fanfic is in my reading list "Favorite Fanfic/Fanfic series and the moment"?
theallanimalover theallanimalover Oct 28, 2016
Ohhh Jojo Potato! I'ma read this for the fact I've not even read any manga! Except a Warriors 'Manga'.
RainbowFlyingDolphin RainbowFlyingDolphin Jul 23, 2016
What's wrong with egg and soy sauce? I mean if it's boiled egg you can add soy sauce and make it taste better. But if it's other types of eggs...I really have no comment Ritsu...
Neko_o1098 Neko_o1098 Jan 19, 2016
RISTU let me ask you quick question 
                              ARE.... ARE YOU PREGNANT??!?
durpssundeerulez durpssundeerulez Jan 11, 2016
I think I know where this is heading
                              I like where this is heading xD