Young Justice One Shots

Young Justice One Shots

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Skye By Skybolina Completed

This is a book that is filled to the brim with Young Justice character x reader one-shots.

                   NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS!!!

I hope you enjoy!❤️

Started: 26/12/15
Completed: 05/06/16

((undergoing some minor editing))

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SilentOtaku23 SilentOtaku23 Dec 17, 2017
I was thinking that too
                              I didn’t think I’d say it though XD
Batman: glares at me
                              Me: glares at Batman
                              This continues for a while and Robin's confused af.
Me: Hi bruce 
                              Batman: What who is bruce I am batman
                              Me: keep telling yourself that...Bruce
                              Robin: What is this crazy girl on about, I like her already
ItzMelodyWilliams ItzMelodyWilliams 6 days ago
yeah, let's play a game i'd like to call "stuck". it's like hide and seek, but the seeker has to be thrown in hell, then try and get out then, find the hider. it's great. now, according to the game, go to hell.
MusicNerd52201 MusicNerd52201 Nov 09, 2017
This is like a horror movie, bad situations because of bad dicisions....... against better judgement.
Even in a dark alleyway with a stranger whose planning to rape me I'm still a smartass. This is relatable XD