Gerard Way Imagines / Preferences

Gerard Way Imagines / Preferences

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// UGH! // By PartyPoison138 Updated Jun 30, 2016

You and Mikey had been going through stuff while moving out. Gerard finally came back from the studio, and began helping you. You found a box of photos.

Most of them were of you and Gerard, in your early years of dating. Some were recent. One was of you and Gerard doing the Lady and the Tramp noodle thing with a fruit rollup. You smiled, and set it aside. You went on, and found one of Gerard looking about 1 or 2 years old naked in a bathtub. He was adorable.

You laughed out loud and Gerard looked over at you. You flashed the picture in his face and he blushed madly.

He started to chase you around the house.

"Y/N, GIVE THAT BACK!" Gerard yelled.

"AWW, LOOK AT GEWAWD AS A WIDDWE BABA!" You yelled. You were out of breath, so you stopped and Gerard tackled you, taking you to the ground.

"Dammit, Gee. You got me."

He took the picture out of your hands and pinned you down.

"Kinky." you smirked. "If you wanted to be on top, Gee, all you had to do was ask."

Gerard gave you a sadistic ...

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                              Well that's something I'd never thought I say
IceWolfe IceWolfe Sep 15
                              Please be my boyfriend, please rip someone's penis off.
                              I know, I'm kinky.
                              THATS ME A LITTLE TO MUCH ITS SCARY
BrobecksRissa BrobecksRissa Jul 10, 2016
Makes sense, I have asthma so when I cry really hard I wheeze and have a Panic! attack and almost pass out.
dexthspells dexthspells Jul 10, 2016
Oml I'm so embarrassing...why do I have to wheeze while being around Gerard