Kalon ❁ niam

Kalon ❁ niam

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:the lone wolf: By Niamzies Updated Jun 08, 2017

(n.), ka·lon, \kəˈlän\ 
- "Beauty that is more than skin deep"

or the one where niall was a special boy who needed someone to love and look after him and liam strangely eager to do so

{credit to veramalanova on tumblr for cover art}

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Keeplovein Keeplovein Oct 29, 2016
Is there going to be a bit of larry in this? 
                              Please Please Please
DragMeDownNarry DragMeDownNarry Apr 14, 2016
Lmao in Finland we just call everyone 'it' bc if u say 'hän' (meaning he&she) in spoken language then u sound pretentious
coronarykiller coronarykiller Aug 07, 2016
This reminds me of when they wouldn't let Harry tell his joke on stage lmao he was soooo cuteeee
disneyniam disneyniam Feb 04, 2016
i love this! and mpreg! i would like it. this sounds super amazing i love it💖
larryfevr larryfevr Jan 24, 2016
im so excited for this i can't wait for the first chapter!!!!
kadiebmore kadiebmore Jan 14, 2016
I need some fluff right now, so this is greatly appreciated. As long as it's NIAM I'm in...lol