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"We could be more than just friends, Soph." 

• • •

He was a player with the brain of a genius.

She was his best friend, the only one who could resist his charm. 

And yet...

- Hold on to your panties, because a genius is loose.

darkmccnlight darkmccnlight 2 days ago
this author sures loves using panty dropping as a description
hibalat hibalat Feb 04
For those wondering, you should read the books in this order:
                              1) Alexander
                              2) Genius
                              3) Agent
                              Enjoy 😏👌🔥
                              5 February 2017
                              5:35 pm
                              On my bed, wrapped in a blanket . ✌🏼
JRLocked JRLocked 2 days ago
There was a repeat of this paragraph and I thought they kissed😂👽😂
BrainNemesis BrainNemesis 2 days ago
Don't take her against the wall yet, bro. Not without a quondom.
BrainNemesis BrainNemesis 2 days ago
Of course, biology. Where the sex talk happens. You know like putting the male genitalia in the female vajayjay and all that stuff? Yeah.