Sweet Dreams ↔ Dunbar

Sweet Dreams ↔ Dunbar

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"I don't care what people think about us when they see us in public together. That's because I love you, Liam. But if you can't ignore them, if you need to pretend that we're just  friends, when I think we should end this between us"

Mike is just a normal boy. He moved from Devenford Prep to Beacon Hills, loves to play soccer and is in need of new friends. He thinks that Beacon will be just as normal as Devenford. But he gets his first doubts when he's on a late night walk in the woods and get's run over by a definitely drunk boy who must come from a custom party.

[kinda slow updates]

Hmmm pretty sure riding a motorbike while hungover is a really bad move.
Liam you can't just go around sniffing people!!!Some people don't like!!!Scott teach your child some manners!!😂😂😂