Rich boy

Rich boy

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Yall's Queen By Scomicheforeva13 Completed

Mitch Grassi, Had the best life anybody could ask for, billions of dollars, cars everywhere, mansions and pools, cocktails and margaritas...
Well that changed after he had to leave with all his money and expensive stuff to his inherited mansion in Arlington Texas by emergency. 
Arlington Texas, known for being the most humble city, And no it's not the Yehaw horses here, horses there. It's a notmal city but no one has what Mitch does.

Mitch has to go to a new school, but will anyone accept him knowing he's a rich boy? That he leaves in the Mansion apart from all the streets? With his billions of dollars in his pocket? 


Kraizzykitten Kraizzykitten Jul 23, 2017
I couldn't find enough uses for that many devices if I tried.
EuniceMonroy EuniceMonroy Sep 11, 2017
Well, I think that he would choose other place, I mean, Texas still being Texas and Texas is a meeting and distribution place for the cartels, is a border state.
prisonisnotajoke prisonisnotajoke Jun 20, 2017
okay but if mitch was a billionaire this is what he would do let's be honest