His My Boss and I'm his slave

His My Boss and I'm his slave

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" YOU DUMMY, LUCY HEARTFILIA. " someone shouted making me jump on the bed and my face fell on the ground. I groan. Damn it, my perfect and beautiful face.

" Are you awake?" a very familiar voice said on me.

I bite my lower lips to control my anger. As I move my gaze to him, anger is very visible in my eyes. " What's wrong with you?" I asked angrily.

" I'm hungry." he said in a bored tone.

" I don't care if you're hungry. Just... please let me sleep." I climb on my bed and buried my face on pillow. Urgh! my face is still hurt because of the impact of the ground. 

What will I do if? My perfect nose is not perfect anymore.. Oh my God... I can't live a live if I turn into ugly creature >_<

I groan when I felt him yanked my blanket. " What now?" I asked him, my chest are moving up and down motion, I want to cut his neck and played his blood on my own hands. How dare he do this to me? 

How dare he waking me from something stupid?

How dare h---

" I'm hungry and you're my slave remember. So now, get your ass out of this room or you'll be my slave for the rest of your life."

BLAH! Yeah right.. -_- 

I'm his slave and my master. Urgh!

Lucy needs to chill, Natsu's MINE!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Tsk Lucy imagine if Aquarius heard you now.........😭😭😭😭😭😭AQUARIOUS WE MISS YOU😭😭😭😭😭
Here is the thing whenever me and my mom or my family that comes to a restaurant they would take pictures of the foods, while I am just here waiting to eat, I do have a phone, but I just want to eat the foods before I starve to death!!!!
KawaiiPrincess10 KawaiiPrincess10 6 days ago
😂😂😂 so I hate how much of a ff Lisanna she's being but she's so Savage that I forgive her!!😂😋😂
Her mental age is * error error error error* sorry it's * error error error error * I'm sorry I can't say it
KawaiiPrincess10 KawaiiPrincess10 6 days ago
Woooh it's just me myself and I solo ride until I die cause I got me for life🎶🎶