In Mafia, From The Ghetto [BWWM]

In Mafia, From The Ghetto [BWWM]

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Her name is Lalani Simone. She is a young African American women who just got out of college and has recently quit her job. Her best friend from College, Melissa had invited her to stay at her house with her family. Melissa's family also known as the Bianchi Family all work for a Mafia. Except Melissa but she was taught how to use a gun and all that. 

Back to Lalani. She is from the ghetto. You know the saying 'You cant choose where you from. But you can choose who you are' Well its revelant to many people. But Lalani. Lalani was raised by her mom that was hoe that did anything for weed and crack. Lalani had a job at Food 4 Less to support her until she just stopped caring.

Her cousin Mason was a drug dealer. KingPin you might say. He taught her how to use a gun and how to Survive, how to fight. And he also helped out when they were in desperate need for money. Lalani has her ghetto side but does know how to be classy. What if Melissa's father the one who owns the Mafia gives a job offering to Lalani. 

Yes let's just say Melissa also has a brother. And he is pretty possessive. And he always gets what he wants.

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