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Miracle Grace Mercer By 0130Miracle Updated Oct 19, 2016

I looked back and saw that Momma is already gone. I cried and cried, I heard someone opening the doors infront of me and saw a boy.

He was handsome but I don't care, I want my Momma.

"Hey you!" The boy said and I flinched because of the tone he used.

" M-me?" I replied stuttering, almost wispered because he is so scary.

"I am Xenon and be my friend." He sai- no commanded me and I don't know what to react. Should I be afraid or happy.


A sweet inoccent girl and a possessive ruthless cocky CEO, 

What if their world collide? 

What if the memories of her past kept coming back to haunt her?

What if he reveals the real him? 

Will she accept him?


Started: 12/19/15
Ended: ------
Cover by: sweetblast

What on earth is Law 'firm'? I did not think that was a degree
It almost angers me how much likes and views you get when there's someone out there with a natural talent who gets nothing.
dckinsly dckinsly Aug 09
you're hilarious sis but i agree girls have all those traits and more
jane_gandy jane_gandy Oct 31, 2016
I wanted to say "WTF it's impossible!!!". But what can i say.. it's fictional 😒
ShaziSultan ShaziSultan Jan 17
There we go again with the (supposedly, because you never see him using any words that could pass as Ivy League) super brainy guy who acts like a idiot in real life ( that is in the book)...
Man normal people only use 10 percent of their brain while scientists use 17 perceny though its said that einstien used 37 percent so dude how much did you use?