The Broken Pieces. [An DiaboLovers Story/Boy x Boy ] [On Hold]

The Broken Pieces. [An DiaboLovers Story/Boy x Boy ] [On Hold]

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The Great Papy---- Phantom *^* By OchitsukiYami Updated Nov 04

I'm known as Komori Yuuki, the 'brother' of Komori Yui.

For 12 years, I was abused by the nuns because of my demon blood. I was hated for being born as a hybrid, even thought I'm also an angel, they hated me. 

It's also because of my eyes, they are blue and red . They said that it was the devil eyes . If they look at them, they will burn.

My sister is afraid of me, is there something I could do? None.

One day, we have to leave the church for a unknow manor, because our father send us there.

[HAI ! It's my first fanfiction ever ! And also english is not my mother language and I'm learning it so don't be too harsh with me !

If there some gramatical errors or something like that, can you please help me to correct myself?

I hope you'll enjoy it ! And I hope I can write this story without any stop! ]

[Edit 05/06/16 : I'm so sorry, I have too much problems, I have to solve them for my family, so... I hope you understand.]

MinsuHaruka MinsuHaruka Jul 16
Oh hell no! I dare some skank or heifer to come at Yuuki! I dare them! And I will drop kick them hoes New York style!
Aiko_Etsuko Aiko_Etsuko Nov 24
This hole story is breaking the fourth wall so far....😨
                              WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE😱
Cutie-Pop Cutie-Pop Sep 05
it look pretty cliché (Use: it sounds pretty cliché)
                              1m85 tall (Use: 185 cm tall)
shiro1sora shiro1sora Jun 22
My handwriting in general is crappy. But strangely charming, in a way. At least in my opinion.
NUUU! U taller than meh... Anyways gotta go get edward cuz were just the same height
Dawwww!! Su-su-so cwuutteee!!! I  like this character!! ^^ 🍪🍪🍩🍩