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Why do i feel like this?! (StingLu)

Why do i feel like this?! (StingLu)

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Eren is senpai :T By Introvert_child Completed

Lucy, was hurt by the way her guild treated her once lisanna came back.
She left fairytail one day.

Sting Eucliffe found little Lucy alone one night. And brought her to Sabertooth.
She felt, at home there. 

They had gone on MANY adventures..

But now, They'll be going on one final adventure to defeat a dark guild >:D


ichigo1214 ichigo1214 Sep 26, 2016
Stinglu it's good not bad......who am I kidding ITS FREAKIN AMAZINNNNN LOCE STICY MORE THAN NALU AND NALI
FairyTailLover465 FairyTailLover465 Dec 17, 2016
Great another story where you change everything about Lucy, turning her into your own makeshift character..
fairytaillover_11 fairytaillover_11 Sep 01, 2016
I don't want this to sound rude bc reading it, it might sound rude but I don't mean it rude so *in Mira's voice* (so it doesn't sound mean) where's the picture of her with spiky hair the picture above says wattpad in grey (for me at least) thanks!!
ChaLah2 ChaLah2 Aug 28, 2016
The vocabulary in this story isn't amazing. But nice story so far..