I Fell In  Love With A Cat ( Chat Noir/ Adrien  Agreste  X  Reader)

I Fell In Love With A Cat ( Chat Noir/ Adrien Agreste X Reader)

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Alyssajj11 By Alyssajj11 Updated Apr 08

You the reader had a happy life with mom your dad have left when were 5 but when went a new school everything changed when your were chosen to be a hero in Paris but as you met a kinky cat would fall for himm .... > ^<  but as life was happy things began to go darker   would that kitty help you through dark times

"....ouuuh my gerd, like rlly!? why didnt you tell me babe??" HINT HINT IF YOU GET THE SARCASM! 😂😂😂
Golden eyes (when she transforms I change the color to red and blue) and Raven black hair. Pale as a marshmallow and lips so red it looks like Eliza as someone.
FoxGamer9 FoxGamer9 Sep 11, 2016
I would have never guessed (I'm literally ranting in my head like JUST PUT A LEATHER OUTFIT AND MASK AND EARS TO ADRIEN AND BRAVO YOU'VE GOT CHAT NOIR
KanadePikachu KanadePikachu Dec 16, 2016
*insert sarcastic voice* OMG! What a twist! Nobody here knew that!
bubbletwist1 bubbletwist1 Nov 21, 2016
Ok so what you like in me
                              Eyes: one silver on blood red
                              Hair lenth: long
                              Hair color: midnight blue
                              Am I wrong or something
This is basically me IRL 
                              Dark brown eyes tanned skin black pixie cut~