I Fell In  Love With A Cat ( Chat Noir/ Adrien  Agreste  X  Reader)

I Fell In Love With A Cat ( Chat Noir/ Adrien Agreste X Reader)

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Alyssajj11 By Alyssajj11 Updated Apr 01

You the reader had just moved to Paris with  mom a normal life or so you thought ... what if you become a new hero of Paris a wolf miraculous and work with Ladybug and Chat noir and become closer with a Kitty

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Anime_Is_Fam Anime_Is_Fam Mar 14, 2017
"....ouuuh my gerd, like rlly!? why didnt you tell me babe??" HINT HINT IF YOU GET THE SARCASM! 😂😂😂
animecoolest animecoolest Oct 14, 2017
What?!?! Your Chat Noir I Did Not Know That?!?! * Hint Lots Of Sarcasm *
- - Apr 18, 2017
Golden eyes (when she transforms I change the color to red and blue) and Raven black hair. Pale as a marshmallow and lips so red it looks like Eliza as someone.
Sellin_xh Sellin_xh Nov 18, 2017
I think the people who watch the show know it ....Not to be rude ok
FoxGamer9 FoxGamer9 Sep 11, 2016
I would have never guessed (I'm literally ranting in my head like JUST PUT A LEATHER OUTFIT AND MASK AND EARS TO ADRIEN AND BRAVO YOU'VE GOT CHAT NOIR
KanadePikachu KanadePikachu Dec 16, 2016
*insert sarcastic voice* OMG! What a twist! Nobody here knew that!