Diabolik Lovers x Child! Reader

Diabolik Lovers x Child! Reader

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Dude. By DiabolikLoversFreak Updated Jan 18

(Y/N) was beat by her mother.

One day her mother left her on the side of the road.

All she has is her (F/C) bunny, patches an the clothes on her body.

She called patches, patches because the bunny had various patches on it from rips.

When (Y/N) is 5, she stumbles upon a mansion.

It  looked abandoned so, she went to the door. It suddenly started raining. She knocked on the door and a girl with blonde hair opened the door.

She gasped at the sight in front of her.

A child...
All alone...
Dirty, ripped clothes...


The little girl passes out in her arms...

What will happen next?

Ellaaikoe Ellaaikoe Jul 30
Bet u won't be concerned when I start stealin the brother away from u
Me :oh hell no      Yui:what did you say?     Me:I mean nooiooooo
__Thugisa__ __Thugisa__ Apr 25
Biatch. I'm cute as hell. Which is coincidentally where I come from...
DaraNeagu DaraNeagu Mar 20
While everybody is angry how kanato took the bunny, i'm here actually happy tp the fact that now we can be easily friendsXD
                              THAT'S MINE 
                              its my damn rabbit....
pixybell pixybell Feb 06
How the hell is her blushing her being a tsundere, Yui blushes 99.9% of the time and she isn't considered one.