Diabolik Lovers x Child! Reader

Diabolik Lovers x Child! Reader

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A u G h By DiabolikLoversFreak Updated Jan 18, 2017

(Y/N) was beat up mentally by her mother.

One day her mother left her on the side of the road.

All she has is her (F/C) bunny, patches an the clothes on her body.

She called Patches, Patches because the bunny had various patches on it from rips.

When (Y/N) is 5, she stumbles upon a mansion.

It  looked abandoned so, she went to the door.

 It suddenly started raining.

 She knocked on the door and a girl with blonde hair opened the door.

She gasped at the sight in front of her.

A child...
All alone...
Dirty, ripped clothes...


The little girl passes out in her arms...

What will happen next?

  • bunny
  • cordelia
  • sakamaki
  • yui
Ellaaikoe Ellaaikoe Jul 30, 2017
Bet u won't be concerned when I start stealin the brother away from u
AlienPanda10 AlienPanda10 Sep 09, 2017
Me :oh hell no      Yui:what did you say?     Me:I mean nooiooooo
Erenslover Erenslover Oct 17, 2017
*Reiji pushes up glasses * GET THE RIGHT- SIZED GLASSED, DAMMIT
__Thugisa__ __Thugisa__ Apr 25, 2017
Biatch. I'm cute as hell. Which is coincidentally where I come from...
navnoorbawa navnoorbawa Jan 01
Bish no that mine 
                              U better put ur filthy hands away from my patches or ima kill u
AbrilM122 AbrilM122 Dec 20, 2017
Bun bun is mine right bun bun
                              Bun bun: ...... (traducion: yeah so teddy dont u ever touch me >:v)