I'll Keep Your Secret Safe in My Heart

I'll Keep Your Secret Safe in My Heart

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Monkey D. Hime By Hime_chan10 Completed

My first Miraculous Ladybug fanfic!

     After defeating Lady Wifi and freeing the Akuma out of Alya, Ladybug's energy is slowly going down. Ladybug heads to the closet and Chat Noir follows her. He stops staring at the door thinking whether or not he should see who LadyBug is behind the mask. He followed his instinct peaking behind the door surprised when the bright light fades and Marinette stood there. Immediately he left without Marinette ever know he is there. 

" What are you going to do now Adrien?" Plagg asked. 

Adrien walked around the room wondering what he should do now that he knows who Ladybug is behind the mask. He sigh falling on the bed looking up at the ceiling. Images of Ladybug and himself fighting against Akuma flooded inside his brain. Just remembering these events caused his heart to beat and smile. 

" I'll just keep her secret safe in my heart"

- Started on December 25, 2015
-Completed on March 31, 2016

MirasMinime MirasMinime Sep 09, 2016
-MissFortune -MissFortune Apr 04, 2016
Technically right behind him since you know Marinette sits behind Adrien....
CinderPuppyEyes CinderPuppyEyes Apr 15, 2016
If he called Marinette annoying I probably would have been akumatized and I would have tied him over a bridge or something
ashketcham150 ashketcham150 6 days ago
Greninja water shuriken! *Throws it and slices her in half* Ok next up Miette. 'Dang I love pokemon'
CloverAri CloverAri Jan 17
uh uh uh remember mr pigeon marinette always signs her designs
TomokoForenge TomokoForenge Jan 29, 2016
im just gonna say this Chole is a slutty bitchy spoiled whore