Affair : j.g MAJOR EDITING

Affair : j.g MAJOR EDITING

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): By papiigilinki Updated Jul 25, 2016


"Fuck baby girl, just ride me." 

In which a girl and her step-father go behind her mother/wife's back and have an affair.

nate01baby nate01baby Sep 08, 2016
Is it bad that I'm kinda excited..... I need professional help😂
ughhok ughhok May 08, 2016
I literally made the weirdest face after reading this chapter. Like I hit that double chin real hard
papiigilinki papiigilinki Mar 03, 2016
Mk y'all, if you didn't know, Jack ISNT HER REAL FATHER LMFAO. It's her step-father. I forgot to mention that 😂😭
babs589 babs589 Jul 20, 2016
Wait I thought this was some law and order svu, dude I didn't even think the dad was jack at first omg🙈
XbabyGilinskyX XbabyGilinskyX Feb 06, 2016
Oh shitt u Fr bout to sleep with ur dad?😂  atleast its Jack
Matt_Espinosa_is_hot Matt_Espinosa_is_hot May 16, 2016
Who has a kitchen and bathroom in their living room
                              I need this in my LIFE