Magi x Reader

Magi x Reader

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◕ω◕ By Magic_Sinner Updated Mar 20, 2016

Request CLOSED

This is a random one shot where you get to read your favorite characters try to win your love.
But if your favorite character isn't there, then request!!!


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AngelsInnerDemons AngelsInnerDemons Sep 18, 2017
I'd like a hinahoho x reader lemon(he was never married) me & him just meet we hit it off become best friends but then he has to leave for a few months & while he is gone the realize that they are in love with each other & when he gets back he confesses by kissing me & then they get busy!
drowned_matea drowned_matea Jan 24, 2017
will you please do a ja'far one
                              the plot is: me and him are training and I inger  myself but try to train behind ja'fars back he finds out and tries to get me to stop
                              it would be fluff
Kosho-ire Kosho-ire Mar 14, 2016
I was about to request Ja'far but I see he's already been requested B)
                              It's it alright if I requested a Kouha x reader? Something fluffy fluff, cute and comedic?
Khytana_ Khytana_ Jul 12, 2016
I've actually never seen a Seishun x reader, if you don't know or forget who that is, he is the blue haired boy that is Hakuei's (from the Kou empire) assistant of some kind.
yoHaise yoHaise Mar 12, 2016
Masrur x reader that used to be a slave that he saved with sinbad
Klau-senpai Klau-senpai Mar 13, 2016
Yo! Could you write a ja'far x reader? And do you write lemons?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  if not, a fluffy one please