Lunatic (#2 Psycho Series)

Lunatic (#2 Psycho Series)

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Aaliyah Turner By Aaliyah_Loyal Updated Sep 10

"S-stay away or I'll call the cops!" I shouted moving around the island. It was the only thing stopping him from getting to me. 

"Oh sweetheart go ahead, I already have them after me." He said with an wicked smirk as we circle each other around the island. I curse my parents for making me stay here with this lunatic!

"Alright so it wont be hard for them to catch you when I call them."  I threatened and he just chuckle. My blue eyes wander towards the back door that was wide open, deciding weather or not to make an run for it.

"Go head sweetheart." I look towards Hunter who had an wicked smirk on his face. "Go ahead and run, but know I'll catch you and have you all for myself."

I stare at him in disbelief. He's crazy!

"Your an lunatic!" I shouted at him and he smirk before leaning forward.

"Yes sweetheart....that's very true."

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If this happened to me..and that boi is fine as hell I would of mind to stay with him.
I never realized how similar Ian Somerhalder and that guy from Gossip girl (I forgot his name but he plays Nate) look.
Lillian288 Lillian288 Aug 05
You pipe that bitch? 😂😂😂 OMG HELP TANA HAS TAKEN MY LIFE 😐😭😂😂😂😂😂
neidaxox neidaxox Oct 11
Umm....idk bout yall but if a man who cam from the streets randomly starts kissing me i would scream rape..
She could have told him that hunter did that without her consent instead of lying when she did nothing wrong. Plus I bet Hunter's build is big and she's small. (I'm not being sexist.)
I know this is unedited but this one thing is killing me lol.  You only need to use the word "an" in replace of "a" when there is a word starting with a vowel. But other than that I love the story.