Maka's younger sister( Soul x reader x kid x black star)

Maka's younger sister( Soul x reader x kid x black star)

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Y/n Albarn is Maka's younger sister, they have the same dad. but different moms Y/n goes to death city to live with her dad for awhile, as y/n goes she meets her older sister and wants to spend every moment with her...but soul comes along and Y/n falls in love with him and not just him but kid and black star as well. Y/n is exactly like her sister, same eye colour, the only thing different is y/n has shorter dirty-blond hair  and is shorter also younger.

Who will Y/n pick? 

Find out here!

Animehomestuck24 Animehomestuck24 Aug 05, 2016
Michelle Albarn
                              Maka Albarn
                              I guess Spirit likes the letter 'M' names
Chiko_Riggs Chiko_Riggs Aug 14, 2016
Wow my best friend sucks in this but in reality my best friend who have punched all of them before I got into a three block radius.....she no like me w boys idk y
YukoDC YukoDC Oct 21, 2016
Now Im picturing Black Star pouncing on me like Tigger does in Winnie the Pooh XD
FoolToTheKingdom FoolToTheKingdom Mar 18, 2016
Hey soul sister something something... The way you do? Dont know this whole song only like one part but imma keep saying this line over and over again cause who knowz