Winter Rose

Winter Rose

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A.M. HIGHT By Scarletletterheart Completed

"We all have good and bad inside of us. It's what side we chose to follow that defines who we really are." -J.K. Rowling.  

A girl, two dogs, and one gallant sparrow-an epic battle against good and evil. 

Everything is at stake when Sheldon's spirit is thrown into his past, in the form of a dog. Charged with a mission to change a series of dark events-all of which have been erased from his memory-Sheldon navigates the mysterious happenings on Rose Family Animal Refuge.   

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My amazing cover was made by Stefanie Saw @seventhstar

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- - Apr 25, 2017
 #Beyond Words
                              Nice prologue. It's sets up the story and I didn't find any grammar mistakes.  It's shorter than the one I have, but it's great.
- - Apr 01, 2017
What an interesting story line! This sounds like it will be a fun tale to read.  The prologue feels more like a synopses.  It would be great to be dropped into some action to get a better sense of the situation the character is describing.
RainerSalt RainerSalt May 09, 2017
Wow, what a neat start. I can only join in with the others. Wonderful for all the reasons stated here. It definitely makes me want to read more.
nikithanagraj nikithanagraj Apr 24, 2017
I loved the prologue as it already has me interested in the story :) I think this hooks the reader and has them diving right into the first chapter. I loved it so far :)
nikithanagraj nikithanagraj Apr 24, 2017
A very good line to start with!! It has me interested in the story already
Scarletletterheart Scarletletterheart May 10, 2017
Thanks for that insight. I recently changed the blurb it's great to have feedback