Phantom (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Phantom (Kylo Ren x Reader)

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Anouk By Anoukori Updated Jan 08

"We will always be friends, right?"

"Yes of course we will, Ben!"

That was the last conversation you and your former best friend, Ben Solo, had. At the same night, however, he turned to the Dark Side. He turned to Kylo Ren.

Years after that, you meet again. Revealing his seemling true feelings for you, you fall for him and are determined to make him a jedi again, whatever it may costs.

...just as he planned.

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PorcelainAngel PorcelainAngel Dec 31, 2017
Midori Gurin-chan? From yANDERE SIMULATOR? KYLO IS YANDERE CONFIRMED?! *explodes*
flowazh flowazh Dec 16, 2017
I ain't a coward but hide. This is gonna get 'Anakin killed the younglings' ugly otherwise
imdonesorrybye imdonesorrybye May 01, 2016
I think it's a test or something. If it's not I will MURDER THE AUTHOR FOR MURDERING MY HUSBAND
Ankoku-Anime Ankoku-Anime Apr 24, 2016
Then he's going to kiss me and kill everyone!
                              Just like his sexy Grandfather
IsabelleCajan IsabelleCajan Jun 10, 2016
ZomoandCheeseCracker ZomoandCheeseCracker Oct 15, 2016
                              -Coughs- -Chokes-
                              sorry -cough- I'm chocking on my on spit