Phantom (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Phantom (Kylo Ren x Reader)

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Hoshiko By DarthLocura Updated Sep 18

"We will always be friends, right?"

"Yes of course we will, Ben!"

That was the last conversation you and your former best friend, Ben Solo, had. At the same night, however, he turned to the Dark Side. He turned to Kylo Ren.

Years after that, you meet again. Revealing his seemling true feelings for you, you fall for him and are determined to make him a jedi again, whatever it may costs.

...just as he planned.

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Ankoku-Anime Ankoku-Anime Apr 24, 2016
Then he's going to kiss me and kill everyone!
                              Just like his sexy Grandfather
flyawayfreexx flyawayfreexx Apr 13, 2016
excuse you sir, but you cannot change the subject just like that. no way, you dropped me on the ground like a sack of potatoes.
Kiwi-Mangos Kiwi-Mangos Mar 12, 2016
Is chan a boy or a girl? I'm hoping like heck it's a boy, because every freaking kylo ren Fanfiction is a cheesy girl falling for kylo ren and kylo ren turning good for her, eck. I'm seeing a relationship, but please don't make it like litterly every other Fanfiction ever , even is chan is a girl.
WowFantasticBabyTOP WowFantasticBabyTOP Apr 30, 2016
Ehh, kinda understandable on why he'd do that. . . 😂👌🏻
funsizedpanda306 funsizedpanda306 May 04, 2016
yesssss my poopy colored eyes are amazing arnt they! XD i have poopy brownish orangey eyes
Kiwi-Mangos Kiwi-Mangos Mar 12, 2016
What's the name everyone else gave this charcter? Mines Jay 👍