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I will keep you safe

I will keep you safe

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PoisonDragon20 By PoisonDragon20 Completed

One night, the guild has a party. Natsu and Gray had a drinking competition. Without knowing, those two did it.
Two weeks later, Natsu kept getting sick but no one knew why. Erza told him to go and see a doctor then. Once he did, Natsu came back quits the guild, disappearing for 9 months. Then, they found him one night but he then disappeared once again for 5 years, until one day, something happened. Read more to find out. 
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anime_fan19572 anime_fan19572 Dec 19, 2016
I don't think it is possible for a man to have a boy but then again this is fanfiction
DaBestConstellation DaBestConstellation Jul 26, 2016
Why did I imagine those whose the daddy show thing and Gray, Sting and a empty seat there, while Natsu saying it's Gray who's the daddy and Gray denying it and yelling "NO IT WASNT ME!" While Sting just sit there posing/showing off his guns and sending hearts to the camara/viewers
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Aug 05, 2016
Oh ok yay! That's actually a pretty good explanation. I just can't see Natsu as top in any situation.
Ha! Bitch got preggers with Elsa's kid😂 Aye at least it wasn't Lucy or Lisanna
DililahQueen DililahQueen Jul 06, 2016
I hate how people rage like "omfg he's a boi how is this possible he can't give birf " um hello it's called fanfiction for a reason. If you don't like the story then leave XD