Lemons, Smuts, and One Shots

Lemons, Smuts, and One Shots

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Absent By UGH_dem_feelz Updated Nov 05, 2016

A book of random lemons because I'm a horrible person who loves fictional characters and if you read this I'm guessing you do to.


You probably have to follow me to read the best ones! <3 Enjoy you perverts <3

Aims890 Aims890 Aug 01
I get at Americans for saying things wrong, I'm like, " No! What language do you speak?! English! What am I? English!" So poor Rin
deepdarkne deepdarkne May 12
My bro gonna kill me if one of his friend ask me to go to a love hotel
Estonian. And I know barely like three words in Japanese. Maybe I can get by with English or Russian?
Two years, three months, one week, two days, fifteen hours, fifty minutes and twenty five seconds
bdudkleoh bdudkleoh Aug 04
Why the hell do girls in lemon or hentai say that like it's not cute dam it made me cringe ughhhhh just stoppp
oEch0o oEch0o Jul 17
The first thing I thought of was two pair of giant pants (as in the clothing) covering the world