Lemons, Smuts, and One Shots

Lemons, Smuts, and One Shots

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Emma By UGH_dem_feelz Updated Nov 05, 2016

A book of random lemons because I'm a horrible person who loves fictional characters and if you read this I'm guessing you do to.


You probably have to follow me to read the best ones! <3 Enjoy you perverts <3

gamergirl246218 gamergirl246218 Aug 20, 2017
Be safe don't get pregnant 
                              AND USE A GOD DAMMN CONDOM
pxrplelemcnade pxrplelemcnade Nov 27, 2017
•thinks of all the times BTS spoke English• hellllll yeahhhhh....that's adorable
I would die if I got slammed against a door. I'm very weak;_;
BlessedByDemons BlessedByDemons Aug 28, 2017
I'm from London and I barely know anything except from little words I've picked up from anime lmao
*can totally imagine the reader fangirling over his broken english because it's so freaking cute*
I imagined this:
                              and throwing his head back, staring the other side of the wall-
                              MeL THE FUUCK?1