Lemons, Smuts, and One Shots

Lemons, Smuts, and One Shots

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Emma By UGH_dem_feelz Updated Nov 05, 2016

A book of random lemons because I'm a horrible person who loves fictional characters and if you read this I'm guessing you do to.


You probably have to follow me to read the best ones! <3 Enjoy you perverts <3

I'm a satanist in a Christian fam...I'm biding my time until I can ki-OOOOOOUUUUUOUOU -coughs- the demon had his say and said not to tell you what I am planning. MUAHAHAHAHA 
                              Naw tho I was baptized
.....wonders what happens if there was a misseltoe somewhere in the.....
                              HOLY FÛCKING SHÎT, I HATE MY JOB
                              LEVI GIVES OUR LIVES SOME MEANING
                              RIGHT BEFORE A TITAN EATS US WHOLE
This is why you should NEVER give cleaning supplies to someone's birthday.
Levi: in that case, make the titans disappear.
                              Me: A pony? Okie!
                              Levi: but that's not what I wa-
                              Me:  ONE PONY COMING UP
Christmas is from the peggens I think that's how you spell it im catholic but gravitate towards the agnostic side