Underfell Fellcest Oneshots

Underfell Fellcest Oneshots

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Tin By TemmieSinner Updated Jan 06

(Warning: Obviously judging by the title this will contain incest between skeleton brothers that are from a AU instead of the regular boneheads.) 

Don't like it? Then don't read it, simple as that.

(Cover Image Not Mine)
 (This is a fictional incestuous relationship between skeletons that no way portrays that the author supports real life incest.)

* picks up sans and hugs him * me : it's ok potato I'm here for you °^°
                              Sans is muffled in her chest * sans : mmmffmm
                              Me: I know I know * hugs him tighter *
                              Sans : -~-
AllyTheKitty AllyTheKitty Apr 12, 2016
I read this and then see a women's "special" product ad below it- not sure why I find that so funny XD
- - Mar 14, 2016
"Seduce me." 
                              "What? Spy, I ain't gonna-" 
                              "Seduce me." 
                              "No! No!" 
                              "SEDUCE ME!"
-Terezi-Pyrope- -Terezi-Pyrope- Mar 08, 2016
I'm reading this stuff in front of my grandma....
                              I have sinned....