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Beautiful Creature (a Chris motionless fan fiction)

Beautiful Creature (a Chris motionless fan fiction)

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Creep_It_Kawaii By Creep_It_Kawaii Completed

Paris is a 17 year old girl who is being transferred to a college also known as Blair Performing Arts School. One of the only performing arts schools In Pennysalvania.
She is forced to go to college by her so called father and mother who kicked her out of the house for looking the ways she does, they say she is a embarrassment to the family and is not aloud to step foot in her home again,
Her father drops her off and she has to now face the cruelties of a new school,
Paris is a quiet girl with black hair and dark makeup, however from her old school she was always bullied for wearing the dark makeup,
So. On her first day she decided she to not wear her usual makeup,
She the. Comes across a boy from the back of the class who she has to sit next to,
His name is Chris Cerulli, he prefers to be left alone and pushes back every one who comes near him.
His dream is to be in a band,
And her dream is to be a professional photographer and artist.
However Paris has her secrets that no one knows about,
Will this affect her?
Find out..

KaylynGuerra KaylynGuerra Jun 01, 2016
I searched it up its sooooo weird i was with my sister aand we were dying i could not breath😂😂😂😂
TickleMeEmo TickleMeEmo Aug 03, 2016
My calm playlist is called Sleep Playlist on my Itunes xD
                              I dont know why I thought that was funny 😑
KaylynGuerra KaylynGuerra Jun 01, 2016
x_written_mistake_x x_written_mistake_x Dec 30, 2015
JEEZ you sound like me, getting random bruises. I read (most) of your other story and decided to check this one out!
ChristianDemon ChristianDemon Dec 29, 2015
I'm trying to figure out if he's sarcastic or dead mtf serious...probably the second one
_Princess_Pretty_ _Princess_Pretty_ Dec 26, 2015
Ooooo good first chapter I can't wait. This book is gona be good😊