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Harry Potter Preferences

Harry Potter Preferences

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bella-marie By mythowhisp Updated Oct 23, 2016

harry potter preferences!


•the golden trio
•luna lovegood
•neville longbottom
•draco malfoy
•blaise zabini
•the weasley twins
•percy weasley
•ginny weasley
•dean thomas
•seamus finnigan
•oliver wood


[target gender: both or neither mostly]

MissLukaTheMaid MissLukaTheMaid 6 days ago
I'm okay with Sweetums, but not flipping Baby. I really hate nicknames like that, along with babe.
Plus points if it sounded weird coming from him but he said it anyway to see your little face turn red.
Jesus Christ Malfoy, do you always get hard when you first meet a girl?
DoctorSherLokiMalec DoctorSherLokiMalec Dec 26, 2015
I can imagine Luna saying this in that lofty voice of hers and it's adorable