the deal i might regret

the deal i might regret

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❝You will be mine,, craig❞

Craig, a young man, who lives alone in his house, who does youtube for a living. He's a big lover of interaction with his fans, but what happens when interaction meets it's limits?

A crazed fan, who reached it limit of getting into Craig's personal life.
love letters, photo's of himself, threats, gifts.
all of those things have arrived at Craig's doorstep, with the same wrapping paper and innocent little bow. what happens when the crew comes to visit Craig what if these so seemed, 'empty threats' become reality?

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                              That girl(or guy) must have been playing a little too much Yandere simulator.
Mini: Tyler shoulder have a higher status that friend...
                              Me: I GOT IT! Best friends!
Melonbread96 Melonbread96 Nov 14, 2016
More of a reason to get the police involved and tell all your friends. There's a reason the stalker doesn't want to be known by others. >.<
mxntally_unstxble mxntally_unstxble Aug 13, 2016
Shits about to get real :o :gets the popcorn and soda: IM READYYY!
Lifeless_Marionette Lifeless_Marionette Jan 13, 2016
I love this story so much already!!!! its so interesting!!!!! I cant wait till the next chapter !!!!!!!
thepandaispurple thepandaispurple Jan 13, 2016
Hue hue I KNOW XD IM SO EVIL ψ(`∇´)ψ I already wrote the next two chapters so be excited for those because it might get worse XD Lol *HINT HINT* @zombieplayz