Ice Tomb

14 Part Story 1.8K Reads 93 Votes
Deborah Jackson By DeborahJackson Updated 2 years ago
Deep within the Antarctic Ice Sheet, a hotpot suddenly develops on satellite tracking and the science team sent to investigate disappears. Erica Daniels, an esteemed volcanologist, must puzzle out the origin of this unusual heat signature alongside a vast graveyard of frozen bodies before she is numbered among them. She enlists a clever team of scientists, but ultimately will need to call upon the man she despises—NASA’s David Marsh.
So far, I'm really enjoying this. :) I love the scientific explanations and jargon you're offering to the reader.
I'm not done reading this book yet because its long( I'm still on page 5) and I'm kind a busy sometimes. I hope I could finish this book and giving you again another review.
OMG! This was soo good! I could not stop reading as I had started...talking about rocks and volcanos, this must be the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers. Gah! PLEASE write more, I am soo curious to what will happen in Antarctica