Another World - Kylo Ren x Reader.

Another World - Kylo Ren x Reader.

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Stephanie-Louise Patrick By xslhp16x Updated Jul 24

You, who are not from the Star Wars universe sudden find yourself slap bang in the middle of a conflict in which you, yourself do not understand.

Who are you?

 Where are you from and why did you suddenly wake up on Jakku?

Will you be able to cope with everything around you and survive or will you make things worse for yourself and end up worse off?

Shtahp thinking.. he can read you ur mind.. no, STAHP THINKING
Talana101 Talana101 May 05
That's me with my little brother and sister they still have freedom but they have to listen to me
Well if anyone looked into my mind it would be 50% internal screaming and 50% musical lyrics so...
I know many who read minds. I keep my mind closed for instances like this...
I DO trust him... I trust most baddies... jeez, do I need help..?
Boi kylo Rens arm would fall off if I thought about sitting on it