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Einaty By EinatSegal Updated Oct 01, 2018

Any sensible gnome is at home deep below the earth and shivers at the sight of the sky. But Nyllas, a fearless and celebrated commander, is not a sensible gnome. 

Faced by a demon that threatens to devour the all-female, chthonic gnome colony, Nyllas makes the ultimate sacrifice to kill it. On the brink of death, she's found by fairies incapable of bloodshed, who take her to their hive in the sky to be healed.

When the bloodthirsty pixies, sworn enemies of fairies, attack the hive, Nyllas fails to be the protector she was trained to be. Defeated, she's taken before the pixie Overlord; a man whose cruelty cannot be measured, whose beauty can't be overlooked...and whose very gaze ignites Nyllas' heart with defiance.

Book cover by @seventhstar

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