Black coat

Black coat

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(COMPLETED )(Rated :M, contains strong language, fighting, sexual descriptions and other strong themes)

  I froze as his fangs grazed my neck. 
"you tempt me so.. " he smirked as he glided his nail over my jawline. He lightly cut me causing me to bleed. I bit back a whimper as he chuckled. "ooh this puppy doesn't want to play?" his eyes were dark and mischievous. 
"I don't know chanyeol, this one looks playful" the boy said as he pushed kyungsoo farther towards the wall.  
Kyungsoo had tears in his eyes as he watches the boy break off a button on his uniform shirt with a flick of his finger, then moving to the next button. 

Let me stress that this is not at all a reference to twilight. ( ̄ー ̄)
If something seems similar its a coincidence. I've tried really hard not to make it cliché or like twilight in anyway. There are a lot of  cliffhangers and twists. If you don't like it. Don't read it.(sorry for being blunt)

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SierraShipsVkook SierraShipsVkook Dec 06, 2017
Ive been taught to love vampires..
                              Just kidding....
                              or is it?..... does that mean Chen is against xiumin???...and lay against suho??
chanyeolsnipples chanyeolsnipples Nov 26, 2017
I want a fam like this but sadly my mom and dad separated since I was like 2 years old. Well, I can always dream of a happy family, right?
baekhyunsleftthigh baekhyunsleftthigh Oct 03, 2017
if someone did this to me they wouldn’t have a dick anymore