NOT The  Gangleaders Daughter Anymore

NOT The Gangleaders Daughter Anymore

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Flowergirl By 123flowergirl Updated Dec 01

*Sequel to Gangleader's  daughter*

(Please read Gangleaders Daughter BEFORE this book. Nothing will make sense otherwise)


Angel Kacy Winters. Three years later.

She is no longer known as Kacy but as Angel. 

She is different. Good different? Bad? That's for you to decided. 
But know that the Kacy you knew, is no more.

The mean, tough 'doesn't care' girl is gone. 

Replaced with a kind, nice 'Good morning' girl.

Kacy is in for a hell lot more drama. 

She thought she started a new slate. That her life was simple now.

Well she was surely wrong. The past always catches up with you.
But sadly for Kacy, this time it's going to hit a whole lot harder.

There is nothing that would prepare anyone for what's about to come.
Kacy better hold on tight. She's in for a long and dangerous ride.

You thought she had a complicated life in the first book? 

Oh you haven't read this.

Kacy is gone.

It's Angel now.


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chinaangel chinaangel Jul 21, 2017
There are a lot of people writing about the Gang Leader's Daughter.  This is good.
TamonikaRicks TamonikaRicks Aug 21, 2017
Her prince charming better be Chase or I'm going to cry literally🤔🤔
mk_reads mk_reads Nov 25, 2017
She used to be badass I feel sad hopefully she'll turn badass if someone messes with her
maryah9 maryah9 Jul 20, 2017
OMG she changed so much I already love her, and the book! A-MA-ZING ❤️
esmeejim esmeejim Sep 12, 2016
                              *dances weirdly*😂
                              I'm so hyped 🤘😲👌👌🤗🤗😃😃😋
sigh_charms sigh_charms Jan 04, 2017
babe, it's January 4 here haha and ofc it's January 5 tomo sooooo.... UPDATE BITCH 😘 love you xx