The Life Of A Fighter

The Life Of A Fighter

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Ember Johnson By Samantha506 Updated Dec 03, 2016

《A fighter isn't the one who can last longer in a fight or the one who has won a lot of fights. A fighter is the one who always gets back on his feet after life pushes him down.》

Caden is a gang leader. He's cold but caring he will take a bullet for you if your special to him but he will shoot a bullet through your skull if you disrespect or disobey him.

Ember is a street fighter. She bairly talks, if you've heard her voice you're damn lucky. That's why on the streets she's known as 'The Silent Killer'. She's an 'I'll rip you to shreds if you mess with me' kinda girl. Shes cold, cruel. She won't take a bullet for you instead she'll be the one firing it. Her heart is made of ice. Something happend in her past, only God knows what. Only one person can warm up Ember's cold heart.

Will Caden be able to melt her hreart of ice? Will Ember let Caden help her or will she push him away? Will her past ever be reviled? Why is that sole that Ember cares about?

Read to find out.

earlyne96 earlyne96 Nov 03, 2016
Please never stop writing, I really curious with your story ❤