Therianthrope The Genetic Curse (Book 3)

Therianthrope The Genetic Curse (Book 3)

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Taylor Lowe By jilguera Completed

With the help of a few more alpha's Lily and James return to Montana to help the alpha Nick get his territory back after vampires attack him and killed almost half of his pack and rescue Lily's half sister from said vampires. Unfortunately this means Lily has to deal with more than a few ghosts from the past and the vampire Lord Etienne.  

James struggles to be the friend Lily needs and his own need to be something more. Going back to Montana doesn't help when he can see it's bringing the painful past back to haunt Lily and himself. 

Together can they survive the attention of ambitious alphas and elder vampires and the painful return of a past that may be a little too much to handle for both of them.

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Tazmarii Tazmarii Jun 04, 2017
Book 1 And 2 Had Me Enthralled I Hope Lily Can Have Her Happy Ending In Book 3
SilviaMarcelino SilviaMarcelino Mar 27, 2017
I have read three first 2 books in 2 nights and i cannot stop. Just in awe...
patriamia patriamia Jun 13, 2016
I'm looking for the second book in the series, please help!!!! LOVE YOUR WORK,YOU ROCK, KEEP DOING IT!!!!!😃😃😃😃
Flutterfly92481 Flutterfly92481 Apr 20, 2016
I love all of these books, I keep hoping lily and James get together.
RachaelMole RachaelMole Jan 01, 2016
Where did the title come from? It sounds so interesting! Also, this is the third book? Which is the first, I want to make sure I'm doing this in the right order :)