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Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots

Miraculous Ladybug Oneshots

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chatnoirwink By chatnoirwink Updated May 13

As a fangirl, the most frustrating ship you can have is one where the members of the ship like each other, but are completely oblivious to the fact.
Welcome to the Miraculous Ladybug Fandom, the show where Marinette likes Adrien who is Chat Noir who likes Ladybug who is actually Marinette. Sound complicated? Wait until I tell you this-- they don't know the other's civilian identity. Oh ho ho, are you in for an emotional roller coaster.

(All oneshots containing heavier situations have a warning at the beginning and an asterisk* in the title. Please read at your own risk.)

Also, some of these are reeeaaaally cringy, looking back on them now. Don't judge me.

man am I the only one who's like wtf how tho you are just being exposed to public school who the fuk taught u?
VeniceKayeLauro8 VeniceKayeLauro8 Apr 19, 2016
NightmarreMiraculous NightmarreMiraculous Sep 22, 2016
It sounds like a complicated show to non fans and is so simple if your obsessed like us
mayasriles mayasriles Aug 16, 2016
The problem with the ship in the show is that Ladybug/Marinette doesn't like "Cat Noir" because she likes Adrien (sorry if I'm spelling stuff wrong) and Adrien doesn't seem to like Marinette because he likes "Ladybug" so I just hope they find out each others Identity soon.
AinohanaRinkaku AinohanaRinkaku Apr 09, 2016
That's it... I'm out... Cause if I wont go out, I would literally explode... Oh wait, too late..*explodes*
everyones so happy that they know and me tooooooo!!!! Halleluyapraisethelord uesh