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Ailurophiles & Matchmakers [Zarry AU]

Ailurophiles & Matchmakers [Zarry AU]

14.8K Reads 962 Votes 16 Part Story
Sɑʀɑɦ Aɳɳɛ By ZarryNouisOTP Updated Jul 24, 2016

Harry befriends a matchmaker who works at one of the best dating agencies in NYC and somehow ends up crashing Zayn Malik's wedding.

All rights reserved @ZarryNouisOTP

xXsinfulandtragicXx xXsinfulandtragicXx Mar 25, 2016
I'm so jealous, Harry. You shook his hand. Me? I've never even been in the same country as him, hun.
That Harry gif😭😭 but not this is really good not what not what I was expecting at all
Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Dec 27, 2015
I thought this was Taylor at first but I'm for sure Taylor's smirking
Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Dec 27, 2015
Haha good for you, I'm still waiting to meet him. At least you didn't faint
Mrsdenisemalik Mrsdenisemalik Dec 26, 2015
Ooh I can't wait, love it! So Perrie is a runaway bride that I'm glad ran away lol