In Love With A Straight Girl ➵ Lauren/You

In Love With A Straight Girl ➵ Lauren/You

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cara By qoingnowhere Updated Jun 01

"Y/N?" Lauren said.

"Yeah?" Y/N replied.

"How do you tell a girl you love her?" Lauren asked.

"Just tell her!" Y/N replied.

"Y/N I love you" Lauren said.
Two years of Lauren and Y/N being best friends, and Two years of Lauren being in love with Y/N.

Lauren fell in love with Y/N when she was 17 and Y/N was 16, but Y/N's straight.
What will happen to their friendship when Lauren confess her love to her her? Will Y/N like her back? Or will she only see Lauren as a friend?

I used to hate and I mean HATE Justin but now I've seen that he's just another human being who's been molded into what we see as a celebrity.He has made mistakes but haven't we all.I love him now and I do look up to him now.
LernsDaddy LernsDaddy Apr 30
I didn't like justin until this new phase of him and it's hard to hate him now
That song was the first thing I though about when I saw this Book and Title 😂😅 I love that Song.
ActualDevil ActualDevil Apr 12
Pshhhhh who needs Justin when u have Gerard way?😙
                              Am I right?!?!
Babi_Otaku Babi_Otaku Feb 11
Fam this song is the first thing i thought of when i saw this title
Ew, I'm sorry, but no, if it was Enrique Iglesias when he first started, then yes! I love him! Justin would make a badass friend though☺