In Love With A Straight Girl ➵ Lauren/You [REWRITING]

In Love With A Straight Girl ➵ Lauren/You [REWRITING]

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cara By qoingnowhere Updated Jun 01, 2016

"Y/N?" Lauren said.

"Yeah?" Y/N replied.

"How do you tell a girl you love her?" Lauren asked.

"Just tell her!" Y/N replied.

"Y/N I love you" Lauren said.
Two years of Lauren and Y/N being best friends, and Two years of Lauren being in love with Y/N.

Lauren fell in love with Y/N when she was 17 and Y/N was 16, but Y/N's straight.
What will happen to their friendship when Lauren confess her love to her her? Will Y/N like her back? Or will she only see Lauren as a friend?

I'd rather date Zayn but Justin does have coinssss so I'm okay with it
wbosbe wbosbe Mar 25
I hate justin..but if he prefer to be my lesbo than i love him
I am the straightest one of my group of friends but they now I am gay for Fifth Harmony
ohandy ohandy Jan 07
                              Don't give up one of your friends for a boy. it's stupid.
Shookt_21 Shookt_21 Dec 18, 2016
Okay that's how u know she likes u cuz if she stutters and that's all she says is that's great no my bestfriends would be like omgahhhhhh and just talk about them for hours lurking on social media
Little5Orelli Little5Orelli Jun 02, 2016
I used to hate and I mean HATE Justin but now I've seen that he's just another human being who's been molded into what we see as a celebrity.He has made mistakes but haven't we all.I love him now and I do look up to him now.