The Demon Inside (Levi x Reader)

The Demon Inside (Levi x Reader)

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(F/N) (M/N) (L/N) has recently joined the 104th Trainee Squad to train and become a Survey Corps member with two thoughts on her mind, one was to kill all the titans and the other was hopeful that her secret isn't found, because if someone does find out then they would surely send her to death...even though she is a demon and immortal...

I don't own the characters or anime.

Please don't still this idea of mine and I hope you enjoy the story!

Jade-Dun Jade-Dun 7 days ago
Jade William Dun because I don't have a middle name and I hate my last name
                              So I'm basically Josh Duns sister
As much as I don't want to comment. I meet to get this through you guy's thick skulls. The so called "pentagram" on the rose tattoo is not a pentagram. A pentagram is a UPSIDEDOWN star in a circle.
That's a nice warm shower you got there
                              Would be a shame if someone were to...
                              MAKE it cold for 2 seconds
Mikasa: Don't touch my Eren.
                              Me: DAYUM GIRL OKAY I JUST WANTED TO GIVE YOU TWO A PIE
I'm gonna say its B-scotch cinnamon pie.
                              I cri very tiem I see someone kill goat mama (toriel)
I knew I was Bassy's daughter! Also I knew I was always simply on hell of a demon-Titan- slayer, 'cause ya know, that's normal, right? :)